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Who is better, C4ETech or Geekyranjit?


As of 2018, I feel C4eTech has upped their game with even more videos and superb content thanks to Sundar and Shahrukh. So they continue to remain my favourite channel and their gap with Ranjit is widening as we speak(according to me).

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But still, I stick to my initial conclusion – They are both worth following.

This is not a toss up since both channels are good. I mean really good!

Geekyranjit is a more down-to-earth unscripted reviewer. He exudes a more ‘Tech enthusiast’ vibe. He is very quick to react to viewer feedback and also ensures that he is always abreast with market and youtube trend. This is why you see a lot of Geekyranjit videos popping up when you want to buy a random earphone or tablet. After noticing Technical Guruji’s popularity surge(thanks to Jio) he quickly brought up an exclusive, mildly light-hearted Hyderabadi Hindi channel. This shows how good he is with viewer expectations. He is also tremendously unbiased and almost always hits the nail on the head. The best thing about him is that he picks up the phones from shops near by and that adds to the genuineness of the reviews. More often than not, a review unit would be much more solid and well put-together compared to a unit you pick up online or from a shop. His language is also pretty basic and that makes it easier to connect with this bloke.

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C4ETECH is actually my favourite channel. I have always felt Ash is much more informed technically than Ranjit. He is a proper Tech-head and exudes a more ‘geeky’ vibe(oh the irony!). His reviews are scripted so they do sound all alike. This is usually not the case with Ranjit since he goes in unscripted. Ash looks at the more spec-related aspects than the usability and simpler things that regular users look for. You will see him in his element while dissecting the phone’s bulid and internals. Ash does take feedback seriously, but doesnt generate content as quickly as Ranjit. He also doesnt cater to new requests or venture out of his comfort zone. However his talk shows are much much better than any English tech talks that you will find anywhere in India(youtube and TV alike). Ashanswers in particular is a superb show. He isnt biased at all, but he does tend to be very harsh on products that dont impress him. His language is usually accented from his BPO days, so there is that.

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They are both equally good. You should stay subscribed to both of them.


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