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Sharmaji Technical Reply to Technical Guruji

When sharmaji technical was unboxing the phone, he said that the display 480p actually looks like HD itself. Form the point view of technical Guruji he said  that’s fake and it doesn’t look like that. So for that technical Guruji has uploaded a live session video in his YouTube channel proving that it’s fake and he tweeted in the twitter also. So for this sharmaji technical also made a live session and gave a reply to technical Guruji like,

what is 480p and 720p according to you. He said that actually he made a video on 480p as well as 720p. What to say to , people know what’s right and what’s wrong . Here you will get answer for what you said

So here for supporting and defending sharmaji technical, technical Sagar also came to live video session and was arguing for what technical Guruji said. What technical Sagar said was,  yes actually 480p looks like HD it’s nothing wrong in that . And it’s true for an normal eye 480p screen looks like HD only. And if you have seen sharmaji technical’s video , he clearly said that the screen is 480p and it’s like HD screen screen only.  And everyone knows what’s right and what’s wrong. So technical Guruji made a fake giveaway. Now he has to make a real giveaway so that people will be benefitted.
So now we have to see that whether technical Guruji will reply to them  and give answer or he will be quite.
So according to you , what do you think whether technical Guruji will reply or no. Let me know in the comment section.


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