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Saregama Production Striked MumbikerNikhils Video


In the MumbikerNikhils Latest video “Look Whoes Here” Nikhil Sharma sang “Na tum Jana na ho” for few seconds, But Saregama Production has copyrighted the whole video.

Which is totally wrong. Saregama Production should have striked only for that few second in  which Nikhil sang.

Video of Mumbiker Nikhil:-

Image of the mail Send by Saregama Production:-

We all need an answer from Saregama Production team, For no reason they have striked the whole video of a Hardworking Youtuber.

We shall all tweet in change of rules of youtube and Also to take an action on saregama production. They do not have right to strike the whole video.

Note:- Video and The image used all belong to their respective owners.


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