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Reply of Tecnical Sagar to Mumbiker Nikhil

As we have seen in the previous article that Mumbiker Nikhil has tweeted in twitter saying that most matured YouTubers are tech YouTubers. So to reply youtuber technical Sagar made a video in his second YouTube channel named “Sagar ki vani”. And the video named episode 1 foolish friends, texh YouTubers are not matured enough! & after few hours he changed the name to “Dabbe Wale Ke Dost | Tech YouTubers Mature Nahi Hai”
Watch out the Video:-

Technical Sagar made a video replying to Mumbiker Nikhil saying that, yes I saw the tweets and I felt ashamed because Mumbiker Nikhil said,  keep quiet if anyone says that’s wrong indirectly. And technical Sagar said that he doesn’t have any person connection with Mumbiker Nikhil. Yes I’ll watch all him videos , because it will be interesting. And he said that please don’t poke anyone. Just mind your own business, that’s enough!!. And how can we keep quiet if anyone is saying that what your doing is wrong. So personally I’m saying that please don’t involve in anyone’s business. Just mind your own work .


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