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Reaction of Youtubers on Salman Khan Jail

Indian YouTubers reactions on Salman khan 5 year jail.
It’s a shocking news for Salman khan and his fans. Apart from his fans even Indian YouTubers has expressed their opinion towards his jail sentence. Here are their opinions of some of YouTubers:-
1) Prince Chandra :
I’m so angry, first catch the people who took everything from India. Here Salman khan is famous personality, who does good to the people and his country. What , 5 years is jail, 5 years is more, 5 years more n all for celebrities and for common people. He is questioning that, what kind of jail is jhodpur jail, and he says why jhodpur jail still put him in some local jail where no special treatment is received for Salman khan.
2) Shafali bagga :
She has twitted in twitter that “Salman khan went to jail and he should not get bail”. For this Technical Sagar has replied that “Let’s see what happens”.
3) Kaneez Surka :
Even she has twitted that “such a great day it is today! Makes me so happy when bad people lose in life”.
4) Mumbai Nikhil :
Salman khan has become so good and kind now. U people can research that, he is good person and he helps people. As  I’m a big die hard fan of Salman khan, he pleases everyone that not to comment anything negative or bad on Salman khan of his 5 year jail sentence.
You can check out what mumbiker nikhil said :-


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