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Nazzar battu production Splits Once Again


Nazzar battu production :
Nazar Battu Productions, founded in December 2015 by Ameen Khan & Harsh Vardhan is a YouTube channel famous for videos like Dalveer & Satbeer on Odd & Even Rule in Delhi – Nazarbattu.in, Nazar Battu’s Sultan – A Tribute to Salman Khan, Nazar Battu – Salman Khan verdict.. Fair or Unfair.. Ask Dalveer & Satbeer and Nazar Battu – Udta Punjab Controversy Feat. Dalveer Satbeer. Their videos usually have 2 characters which are played by Shubham and Rajesh. As of December 2016, Nazar Battu Productions has around 50 videos, more than 2,22,000 subscribers and over 18 million views on their channel. Nazar Battu Productions is amongst the three Ambassadors of YouTube Delhi. But now they have crossed more than 9.7 lakh subscribers and it has around 82 videos.

Before Rajesh left nazzar battu production there was other two  persons who left these production, that was non other than Shubham Gaur and Ankur. They left nazzar battu production on August 2017 and they themselves started a new YouTube channel called “Sadak Chaap”.

Actual reason we don’t know why Rajesh left nazzar battu production. Some of them are thinking that he wanted to move out of nazzar battu production and become still more famous outside by creating his own channel. Now we have to wait and see what Rajesh is gonna do whether he will start his own YouTube channel or he will rejoin nazzar battu production.

Apart from this there is another talk about Shubham Gaur and Ankur that they will be soon coming to nazzar battu production. Let’s hope and see what happens next whether they will join nazzar battu production or they will continue with their own YouTube channel “sadak chaap”.


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