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Mumbiker Nikhil Vs UIC DRAMA


Mumbiker Nikhil Vs UIC what’s happening between them?

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We know that recently between Mumbiker Nikhil and UIC some drama is going!!

Recently Mumbiker Nikhil uploaded a video titled “An honest answer”. It was a question and answer video. In that video session at the end of the video, he replies to questions which people asked. Many people asked same question saying that what’s wrong between you and UIC, please tell us if you consider us like Ur family members. So he says that definitely Ur all my family members, nothing is wrong between me and UIC. He clarifies that there is nothing going on between us both, we are friendly as before. When UIC pinged me , i couldn’t answer it, as i was traveling and later i texted him and said the reason for not answering. We campaigned about Zid and all.

And Mumbiker Nikhil says that please stop abusing us for no reasons. we too got our personal life. As we are YouTubers, we really work hard for it.


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