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Harsh Beniwal was Hospitalized


Harsh Beniwa :- Harsh Beniwal , he was born on February 13th 1996. He is a popular actor and Viner, residing in New Delhi, India. Beniwal uploads regular videos, generally of a comedy style and of short length. He is active on all social media platforms and has hundreds of thousands of followers. His Instagram channel in particular is well-known for the Vine style videos he posts there.


The actual reason why he was hospitalized is that he had got severe hurt to his hand. This was happened when he was shooting a video scene. When shooting was done. He was going back from that place, so there was big and huge gate. While he was walking his leg slipped and as a reflex action he caught the gate, when he caught the gate his finger cut. That was because the gate had some cut piece of rod in which he caught and got his finger cut.

So that time it was bleeding so much and he started crying and his co-mates caught him and took to a hospice near the shooting location, the doctor said plastic surgery should be done for the finger. And that doctor said that there is currently no surgerist available. So Harsh beniwal went back to his home and slept.  And after few hours, the hand started paining , so he went to a hospital near his home. He got admitted for 2days in that hospital and got done plastic surgery for his hand. This was the main reason why he was hospitalised and why the video was delayed.
And he posted a pic regarding how his hand looks now.


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