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Do not Spread Negativity said Mumbiker Nikhil

We know, technical Guruji opposed on what sharmaji technical siad, that 480p doesn’t appear like 720p.
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So for this Mumbiker Nikhil told his opinion about 480p and 720p. Beside telling it to them. He tweeted on twitter like, he thought that the most mature YouTubers are the tech YouTubers. But sadly they aren’t in India apart a few. He says that we are humans , and we make mistakes. And he says please don’t spoil the platform.
And after sometime he tweeted again like, he said that he is having a good relationship with all the tech YouTubers. He says that his last tweet was not only for tech YouTubers. It was for audience also, because who love this drama. And he tells, if anyone makes mistake please tell them politely and don’t let them to do again.
Again after sometime he tweeted saying that his last two tweets was only because, he got many mails and comments regarding the drama happening on YouTube India. So he thought of sharing it with everyone.
Sharmaji technical responding to technical Guruji by Making a new video about 420p looks similar like 720p. And he thanks everyone who supported him.
And here we need to know to whom Mumbiker Nikhil support for sharmaji technical or technical Guruji?
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