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Amit Bhadana beats Technical Guruji

Amit Bhadana  is an Indian comedic video youtuber and video creator. He belongs from Delhi.

Technical Guruji.Gourav lives in Dubai and born in India. He has his Family Business in Dubai and he is also certified as Dubai Police Security Engineer.

Amit Bandana began his YouTube channel in October 2012. He initially rose to fame via the short video app. Vine.He started his YouTube Channel ” Technical Guruji ” on 18th October 2015.
Amit Bandana has gained popularity there for his original comedic sketches based on everyday life scenarios, including “Different types of boys at the Gym.” Whereas, Technical Guruji, he comes with a Daily New Videos on his Channel on Tech News and Tech related videos, Reviews and Un-boxing of New Gadgets / Mobiles / Laptops / Camera etc.

Here both of them gets 5.3M subscribers in YouTube. But here Amit Bandana is more popular and had become famous for his comedy videos by uploading it in YouTube and other social media. So he defeats Technical Guruji. And hence Amit Bandana is 2nd most top YouTubers in India


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